Mt. Calvary Lutheran School offers an engaging, integrated, and rigorous curriculum that includes a strong foundation in core academic disciplines. Our curriculum consists of Christian theology; language arts which includes reading, writing, grammar and spelling; mathematics; science; social studies; technology; fine arts and physical education. This curriculum enhances the growth of our students’ hearts, minds, and faith.

Our teachers create a rich and varied learning environment in which our students develop exceptional learning skills through engaging curriculum, creative projects, and hands-on interactive experiences. We are deeply committed to the intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical growth of our students. We prepare our students to be successful not only for the rest of their academic career but also for work, citizenship and the world.

Academic Program Overview

Bible Study, Memory Verses, Weekly Worship, Chapel
Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Vocabulary, Accelerated Reader Program
Saxon Math from Kindergarten through Geometry
Geography, History, Current Events
Rosetta Stone program focuses on the reading, writing, speaking and listening
Video based curriculum, art elements & principles, drawing techniques, media exploration, artist appreciation
Physical fitness, stretching & strengthening, sill building, games & activities, team sports
Choice of classes based on interest, allows students to “play” while being educated
Chromebooks, Google Classroom, Interactive Whiteboard
Athletics, Educational Field Trips, Student Council, After School Enrichment Programs, Summer Day Camp

Expected School Wide Learning Results

Mt. Calvary Lutheran School sets forth the following expectations of all of its students. These expectations are taught throughout the curriculum and are at the heart of student learning.

Students will develop personal characteristics that reflect the character of Christ in their lives.
  • Reflect a Christ-like attitude in daily living.
  • Understand the concept of God’s forgiveness.
  • Understand the Biblical concept of law and gospel according to Lutheran doctrine.
  • Practice a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, prayer and means of grace.
Students will demonstrate academic growth.
  • Be critical thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Develop effective organization and study skills.
  • Achieve expected academic skills to ensure successful academic progression.
  • Express acquired knowledge on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Demonstrate technological skills in academic subjects.
Students will develop social and emotional skills that will encourage them to become responsible members of society.
  • Be responsible servants giving back to the school and community.
  • Apply learning skills to life’s social, emotional, and physical challenges.
  • Accept responsibility and demonstrate self-discipline for their words, actions, and learning.
  • Work cooperatively with understanding and consideration in a culturally diverse setting.
Students will be able to communicate their knowledge and ideas effectively.
  • Read, write, and speak clearly, critically and effectively.
  • Utilize technology and the arts for communication.
  • Act as objective and critical listeners.

Our Curriculum

Mt. Calvary Lutheran School is not tied to a “scripted” curricular interpretation of Common Core, or any other standard for that matter.  Curricular resources are carefully selected by the faculty to best meet the needs of the students at MCL. Mt. Calvary does not follow any county or state-wide mandated testing program tied to any funding model from government sources.

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Common Core & Mt. Calvary Lutheran

From our community, there are questions and concerns raised about Common Core.  You may have read stories relaying concerns from parents who could not understand how to help their student with his Tuesday night math homework, or community leaders who support the standards and see them as a step in the right direction in educating our youth to be competitive in the global economy of the future.  Just what is Common Core and how is Mt. Calvary Lutheran School (MCL) approaching it?
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