Welcome to Mt. Calvary Lutheran School!  I am very excited about the opportunity to enroll you as a student at our school. I know that you are probably a little nervous, excited, and curious about what life on campus may be like for you while attending school here. Mt. Calvary Lutheran School has a reputation for providing a challenging curriculum in a loving, safe, and Christ-centered environment.  Our student body is ethnically diverse.  Treating each of our students and their families with respect and kindness is our number one priority.

In addition to a rigorous academic program, we share God’s Word with each of our students. He will touch your life in positive ways while helping you to reach your greatest academic potential. Our staff of dedicated and highly qualified teachers is committed to improving your English proficiency, giving you numerous opportunities as you daily write and verbally communicate with your teachers, classmates and other parents. We are proud to offer a positive environment that fosters academic, social, emotional, and spiritual growth and knowledge.

I am confident that we will meet your needs in every way, and I believe that while here, you will cultivate many lasting friendships, and create many memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Stephanie Han  |  Director of International Students


Mt. Calvary Lutheran School is a ministry of Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church located in Diamond Bar, California. The school’s mission in partnership with its parents and stakeholders, is to strive to empower a diverse community united by Christ and establish a strong foundation of academic excellence. Students will develop Christian values that reflect the character of Christ in their lives. Students will demonstrate Academic growth. Students will develop social and emotional skills that will encourage them to become Responsible members of society. Students will be able to communicate their knowledge and ideas Effectively. One of the ways Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church and School can further its ministry and share the love of Jesus to children is to extend this opportunity to international students. These students will come to Mt. Calvary and be exposed to the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, while continuing to become a well‐rounded student. These students will return home and be able to share their experiences, their faith, and their Lord with family and friends.


Mt. Calvary offers a wide range of benefits for international students who choose to attend. In addition to having the highest accreditation through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and the National Lutheran Schools Accrediting Commission (NLSA), they only hire qualified teachers who have a passion for Christ and a passion for teaching. International students will be treated with care and concern, and given assignments that facilitate academic growth. They will interact with students, teachers, and staff members daily, allowing them to grow socially, gain a better understanding and ability to use the English language, and to participate in a variety of activities that will further help them become well‐rounded students. Most importantly, they will have the opportunity to develop their relationship with Jesus Christ.


Mt. Calvary Lutheran School is authorized through the Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) to issue I‐20 forms and accept full‐time international students. Mt. Calvary will accept international students in grades K‐8. International students are subject to the same rules and expectations as those students who live in the United States and attend Mt. Calvary. Please note that there is an additional cost associated with attending Mt. Calvary as a full‐time international student.


Mt. Calvary Lutheran School has an inclusive tuition rate for its international students. The rate, while higher than the standard tuition rate, provides for the added time commitment involved with handling international students as well as the extra benefits put in place for them.