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Mt. Calvary offers an program in athletics as an integral component of its philosophy of ministering to the whole child.  Girls have an opportunity to compete in volleyball, basketball, and track; while boys participate in flag football, basketball, and track.  The school is a member of the Lutheran Athletic League of San Gabriel Valley, competing against other member schools in league play.  Athletics provides an opportunity for students to develop their God-given gifts, while teaching the values of dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Our Athletic Philosophy

Trustworthiness, citizenship, caring, perseverance, fairness, and respect are lifetime values taught through participation in athletics. Faith thrives through these values. At Mt. Calvary our overall goal in athletics is to teach students to gracefully accept the results of the competition, win or lose. We desire to help each individual develop values and faith to outlast the game or competition. The emphasis of Mt. Calvary athletics is for students to build character, rather then focus on how many trophies or championships the team wins.

When students participate in athletics at Mt. Calvary, they are asked to commit to the following:

  • Realize that all they do is for the glory of Christ
  • Realize that athletics are part of the total education experience and the benefits of involvement go beyond the outcome or final score
  • Participate to the best of their ability and learn from their mistakes
  • Participate in positive cheer for their own team and opponents
  • Learn and understand the rules of the game
  • Respect the officials who administer those rules and make decisions
  • Respect all coaches and others in authority
  • Respect opponents

Additionally, at Mt. Calvary we believe that what happens on the field or court needs to complement what students learn in the classroom and at home. Athletics provide students with opportunities to test learned values and faith; this, in turn, helps students to develop as individuals.

We also count on the role of parents and guardians in athletics. There is no doubt that without the support from home, students have more difficulty wading through opportunities to grow whether in athletics or academics. Parents are the ultimate role models and cheerleaders; without them, athletics at Mt. Calvary is a shoe with no shoelaces.

By participating in athletics at Mt. Calvary, students have a safe place to test the values and faith they learn at home and at school. As a result, students develop as individuals. Athletics is an integral part of the overall learning experience at Mt. Calvary.

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