Welcome Back 7th & 8th Grade!

March 15, 2021
Mt Calvary Lutheran School is pleased to announce that we will welcome back students in Grades 7 & 8 to our campus this coming Wednesday, March 17th.
Now that Los Angeles County has achieved “Red Tier” status, Middle School and High School students are allowed back on campus. A number of protocols will need to be followed, which will be emailed directly to the parents of these students. Look for both a short version and a long version which will need a signature from a parent or guardian.
It will be great to have these 7th & 8th graders join the rest of our Preschoolers and K-6 students who have previously chosen to return. We are very excited to have you back!
For those students choosing to return to campus on Wednesday, please make sure you bring all of your learning materials with you back to MCL – textbooks, workbooks, Chromebooks, headphones, etc.
For those of you who don’t want to return to campus, we will continue to provide the delivery of our curriculum via distance education as we have since last August.
Dr. Steven L. Christopher