As we know, due to the continuing threat of the Coronavirus, Mt Calvary Lutheran School will be “online” for the start of the school year later this month.   What exactly will this look like, and what will it mean for my child?

Here are some guidelines that we will be following as MCL delivers our advanced curriculum beginning on August 26th.

  • Full School Day – All of our grades will have a schedule of classes that will run from 8 am to 3 pm every day, the same as if we were on-campus at 23300 Golden Springs Drive.
  • Full Curriculum – Each of our teachers will teach the advanced curriculum content via online delivery, just as if we were all here on campus, with a few exceptions
  • Required Attendance – Every child enrolled at Mt Calvary will be expected to be online, each time their teacher conducts a class session.
  • Work Requirements – Students will be expected to keep up with assignments and meet our learning expectations as if we were conducting school on campus.  Work will be graded in a timely manner, grades will be given as they normally would.
  • Variety of Teaching Tools – In addition to the direct instruction that Mt Calvary children will receive from their teacher(s) there will be a variety of teaching platforms that our teachers will employ with their students that will be challenging and developmentally appropriate.
  • Behavior Students – Students will be expected to pay attention and actively participate in online instruction, show respect for their teacher and fellow students, and fulfill the role of being a student as if they were attending school on-campus at MCL.
  • Teacher Support –  As always our dedicated teachers will be available to help students with assignments and assist them in completing their work and achieving the learning objectives.
  • Parent Involvement – An extra measure of intentional support will need to be provided by parents as we begin this school year. These are challenging days, which will require extra effort from the home to guide these young ones to find educational success in this most unusual of times.

Remember:  Just because we won’t be AT school, doesn’t mean that students won’t be IN school.