Email Sent Fri, Mar 13 8:57 AM

Dear Parents,
In the wake of all the concern regarding COVID 19, we here at Mt Calvary Lutheran Church and Schools we have created a shut-down plan that we would follow in the event of a campus closure.  Here is an outline of the plan we would follow:
Decision to Close:

  • Any decision to shut-down Mt Calvary would belong to the Church Council, who would receive input from staff, the Board of Elders, Board of Education, and PTL leadership.

A Shut-down would occur if

  • A student or staff member tested positive COVID-19
  • A parent/family member of a student who frequents MCL tested positive for COVID-19
  • Local authorities require schools to close (county health or law enforcement agencies)

Timing of the Shut-down would be determined by—

  • Mt Calvary Church Council

Communication of the Shut-down would occur by—

  • Email to all parents in the Preschool and K-8 school
  • Text messages to parents in the Preschool and K-8 school
  • Phone calls to member of MCL English and Chinese Church

Status of MCL Activity during a Shut-down:

  • Infant Care CLOSED – no payments collected
  • Preschool CLOSED – no tuition payments collected
  • Grades K-3 CLASSES CLOSED – tuition continues

Weekly homework packets keep pace with curriculum/possibility for electronic teaching

  • Grades 4-5 CLASSES CLOSED – tuition continues

Homework keeps pace with curriculum via printed packets and email/possibility for electronic teaching

  • Grades 6-8 CLASSES CLOSED – tuition continues

School work keeps pace with curriculum electronically

  • SAC (School Age Care) CLOSED – no payments collected
  • Int’l Program—communication with potential students continues, tours cease
  • IT Dept – on call as needed
  • Facilities – on call as needed
  • MCL Office – remains open regular hours
  • English Church – Sunday morning services continue/Lenten services continue & dinners cease
  • Chinese Church – Sunday morning services continue/fellowship activities cease

If a shut-down were to occur all of the particular details regarding homework packets and electronically delivery would be communicated to families prior to the closing of the campus.

What our MCL Homes and Families can continue to be doing:
Do not Send Sick Children to School.  While it might be inconvenient to keep your child home, it is a health hazard to have a sick child in the midst of the 200 + people who daily converge on Mt Calvary. Please keep your child home if they have a fever over 99.5 degrees, a chronic cough, or display continuous fatigue or uncommon lack of energy.
Teach Safe Hygiene Practices to your Children.  When children learn and develop good health habits in the home, they carry over into public life.  Please teach your child how to properly cover their mouth when they cough, and to refrain from undo touching of their face with their hands.  Also, teach your children to wash their hands thoroughly—a good length of time for washing is to sing, “Happy Birthday,” to themselves through two times.  Also, be generous in replenishing your household with clean and dry towels.
Remain Composed.  Panic at this time is not a helpful response. To show concern and to become more aware through education is a good practice for every home. Staying calm is also a way to model to children, how mature adults give a helpful response in challenging times.
Pray.  Hopefully you have the practice of praying for others with your children—which usually involves people they know. This is good time to expand our prayers for health workers, for those who contracted this ailment, as well as for our local and national leaders who are making decisions on behalf of us all.
Update. Please make sure that the MCL Offices have all up to date contact information. (Phone, Email etc.)

We have a strong God, a God who promises to never leave us nor forsake us, and a God who walks with us each step of the way.  In faith, we as a community, can step forward and can stand strong knowing that we have one another and the Lord our God.
In His Service,

Rev Luke Huang                                                Dr. Christopher                                 Georgette Delgado
Pastor                                                                   Principal                                               Preschool Director