Dear Mt Calvary Families,

There is a great deal of discussion going on around us with regard to children returning to school this fall.  We hear the news reports about the continuing spread of Covid-19, and we try to discern what is the best path forward concerning the safety and health of our children, as well as what is best for them in terms of schooling and instruction.
A group of Mt Calvary teachers, staff, and leaders met recently to discuss what our plan of action would be for the delivery of education this fall, noting the ever present climate of change we are all constantly experiencing on a near daily basis. As always we will continue to turn our loving God for guidance.
Here is where things are at this time for Grades K-8:

  1. New 1st Day of School Start Date will be August 26, 2020 (Preschool as well).  It is our hope that with pushing back the start of school it will give our teachers and staff more time to prepare for the unique ways that instruction will be delivered as we begin another year.
  1. Kindergarten. Our State Preschool License for operation includes children up to entry into First Grade. With this, we are looking into adding Kindergarten under our preschool program to allow us to hold class ON CAMPUS for up to 10 students. With approval, kindergarten would continue as normal on the elementary side of campus, with a few simple changes to the classroom environment. We are currently seeking clearance from our State Analyst so that we can put the appropriate measures in place for a safe opening of school in the Kindergarten Room for our little ones.
  1. Seeking a Waiver. One of our sister Lutheran Schools was on the local news recently as they submitted an application for a waiver from the Governor’s order, regarding that schools only operate via distance education.  Waivers are able to be considered for lower elementary grades and Mt Calvary is in the process of pursing such a waiver so that we could offer on-campus classes for Grades K-5.  We will keep you up to date on our progress in this area.
  1. Middle School will start the year on-line on August 26th.  The waiver program is not available for Middle Schools and High Schools in California, so our students in Grades 6-7-8 will be required to receive their education through electronic means. Our Middle School Teachers will be outlining the process for when classes will meet on-line, how the curriculum will be delivered and what the expectations of students (and parents) will be when school begins again on August 26th.  Look for a direct email from our teachers in the weeks ahead if you are the parent of a Middle School student.
  1. School Age Care Option. We are also seeking information about how our School Age Care Program could continue to be an option for working parents, who need a safe place for their children to be during the day.  In this setting, children would sign into SAC as they normally would, and then participate in their on-line instruction program in a setting specifically designed for them to do their on-line schooling. Children would be supported by Mt Calvary SAC staff, but would be expected to keep-up with their regularly assigned work and fully participate in their on-line instruction.

Here is what will be occurring with our Preschool:

  1. Preschool will also now begin their Fall Session on August 26th.   Summer session will be extended, and the last day of summer camp will be Friday, August 21st. School will be CLOSED on August 24th and 25th for teacher in-service days as we prepare for the start of the school year.
  1. Our Preschool Classrooms will be limited to 10 students per teacher.  With the approval of our State Analyst, dividers have been created down the middle of each classroom thus creating 6 smaller classrooms instead of the usual 3 larger ones. Each “new room” will be taught by ONE teacher, have their own door, sinks, classroom necessities, etc. Parents will be notified of their child’s teacher in the weeks to come.
  1. Children in each room will remain separate from children in other rooms.  Each class will have their own designated curriculum activities, play-time outside, eating and snack arrangements, as well as napping and resting areas. Essentially, your child will interact with no more than 9 other students for the entirety of their day.
  1. Continued Wellness Checks. All students will continue to undergo a simple “wellness check” each morning which includes a temperature check at the door. Parents will not be permitted entrance into classrooms, and will sign their child in and out on a table outside of their child’s classroom.
  1. Southland Catering.  Due to the uncertainty of whether or not enough students will be on campus, we may not be able to provide a lunch service for the beginning of the school year. There is a minimum order of 20 lunches required, and as we draw closer to the beginning of the school year, you will be notified of a decision.

We know that this is a lot to digest, but that seems to be the nature of life these days.  Please know that things may change again in the near future, and if they do, your Mt Calvary staff will work hard, make the needed adjustments so that your child will receive the highest quality education that we can deliver.
We will continue to communicate with you as things continue to change and develop in the days ahead.  Please know that when we get the “go ahead” to return to on-site instruction—we’ll get back on campus as soon as we can with our “Back to School Plan” in place.  For now—enjoy a couple of more weeks of summer!

In His Service and yours,

Dr. Steven Christopher                                                                  Miss Georgette Delgado
Principal                                                                                               Preschool Director