Thinking Ahead to August

Much discussion has taken place recently on the public airwaves regarding concerns related to reopening businesses and other venues. We have seen shifts regarding the use of facemasks when out in public and other changes in guidelines for associating in groups.  In spite of all the discussion, like other schools in California, we do not know exactly what the public health status of our community or state will be this coming August.  

Our plan at Mt Calvary is still focused on an on-time opening of the Mt Calvary School Year on August 12, 2020, under the theme: “A Piece of God’s Plan.”  We are cautiously hopeful that with the distinct advantages of our small class sizes and hilltop campus, that we will be able to safely open for school in accordance with state and local guidelines. 

MCL Re-Opening Guidelines that will be developed for the 2020-21 school are as of yet still unfolding in the details, but as of now we see them organized in the following manner: 

Health Orders from the County and State.  We will, of course, plan to follow all guidelines as prescribed by the local and state authorities. We will adhere to all such protocols required of us.  Particularly, we will have guidelines focusing on the following areas:

  • physical distancing 
  • hand sanitizing
  • classroom cleaning
  • use of face masks by students
  • use of face shields by staff

Please know, that our cleaning company has already upgraded their cleaning supplies and are using the strongest cleansing agents allowed that are still safe for a community like ours at Mt Calvary.  We will consider the health and well-being of all students, faculty, and staff on campus at MCL our highest priority.  

Classroom Management.  Instructional organization and delivery of our advanced curriculum will be a top priority as we incorporate the required health and safety standards considering:

  • student enrollment in each classroom 
  • arrangement of desks at a safe social distance 
  • strict limit of classroom visitors
  • scheduling that limit interaction with other classes
  • monitoring of student health and well-being by our teachers/staff

Please know that we will consider all the best practices regarding instructional guidelines required by our curriculum and health guidelines so that our students receive the best education possible under these unusual circumstances.

Curricular and Programmatic Operations.  Various adaptations to our class schedules and use of buildings will need to be considered based on distancing guidelines. We will create safety guidelines for how we will: 

  • arrange lunch tables and organize class eating scheduling
  • keep a safe distance walking to/from the field and blacktop play area
  • limit access and use of the gym
  • conduct our sports programs
  • manage visitors in the MCL office
  • hold chapel for our students
  • offer our extracurricular activities
  • host PTL events
  • create a safe and healthy recess environment

Certainly, more details will be forthcoming.  We look forward to welcoming our students, families, teachers, and staff back to campus with appropriate safety modifications in place.

We hope to be seeing you soon. Have a safe summer! 

Dr. Steven L. Christopher | Principal